MULTIspectral imaging

Digital files may be encoded as an RGB signal, but film is not. By digitizing film in this way, valuable data about the film is lost. Learn more about how this tool, already widely used in art preservation, can change the way we think about film digitization. More »


Despite our best efforts as archivists to mitigate the effects of time on our film collections, intangible pieces of cultural heritage continue to deteriorate in cold storage. With millions of feet of film to analyze for condition monitoring and pre-digitization repair, automated solutions are a necessity. More »


digital ph tracking

pH tracking using traditional chemical means is among the most valuable tools we have for tracking the decay rate of film. However, the traditional method using A-D strips is time-consuming and inaccurate. See how digital pH measurement can improve data collection. More »


From laser topology measurement to advanced dust and scratch detection, different research teams affiliated with FILMIC have explored many different issues in film preservation. If you or your institution has an idea that could be part of FILMIC, get in touch! More »